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Weddings are a lifetime event for memories to be made. Think of the best wedding and reception that you have attended. What made it fantastic?

Top event and wedding planning magazines report the #1 thing (50%) that people remembered was the Entertainment! Less than 20% surveyed remembered the bride's gown! Only 15% remembered the location and catering, and less than 10% remembered the flowers.

What you wear and the menu you choose are important, but hands down it is your musical selection and how your guests are entertained. These ultimate factors determine the success of your big day. You really want your guests to have a great time. "My family, friends and guests are still talking about the blast they had at my wedding, 8 years later!"

We will make sure that your guests stay long after the meal to dance the night away! Your photographers and videographers will have plenty of memorable moments to capture.

Talk to a professional wedding DJ or wedding MC in the Washington DC area today.

What "value" does entertainment provide to your wedding?

If you think about it, your wedding MC usually executes 80% of the responsibilities at your reception. Your entertainment (MC, band and DJ) are usually the first to arrive and last to leave! We iron out the kinks and resolve last minute issues. We work with your planners and caterers to seamlessly make your wedding day spectacular.

We welcome your family and friends, ensure the mood is set during cocktail hour, and get your guests seated. We build suspense when introducing the wedding party and the arrival of the Newlyweds, and announce the first course and The First Dance. Following the Cheers and Toasts, we provide romantic dinner music, and if there is a buffet, we manage the rotation by calling tables so the line is always short.

Ready to Two Step! We get the party started and get you and your guests on the dance floor with your hand picked selections. We only stop for your planned activities (the bouquet and garter toss, centerpiece giveaways).

Time to cut the cake and cut the rug some more. What ever your wish! We can Line Dance, Samba or Waltz the night away, Rock the house or set the roof on fire until "The Last Dance!"

Finally, we assemble everyone to wish you farewell and bid your guests good night.

All of these functions are handled by us, your personal wedding DJ and MC. That's why you should not cut cost on your entertainment. Usually less than 5% of the total wedding budget is allocated to entertainment. The biggest expense is usually the venue and catering costing $75 to $200 or more per guest.

How can a wedding DJ make your wedding exciting?

Our eye is on the sparrow. We draft floor plans inclusive of music, lighting, effects and vendors. Coordinate and review them with the venue and vendors for seamless integration. Our logistic team, engineers, talent (DJs, Bands & MCs) are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave the venue. Ensure a clean break down and spaces are left exactly as the were prior to your event. We have an on time guarantee that ensures that services start at the contracted time!

What about special music for intimate cocktail receptions, dinner music and wedding ceremonies?

Our musicians can play standards for wedding ceremonies and background jazz for cocktail hours. We have pianists, classical and string ensembles for wedding ceremonies, as well as Jazz trios and singing pianists for cocktail receptions. Please ensure that outside musicians are permitted to perform at your place of worship. In addition, our DJs have a vault of Classical, Jazz and light, ambient music for ceremonies and intimate dinners.

We can provide you with a celebrity solist like Melody Gardot, Diana Krall or Harry Connick, Jr. (subject to availability). Call and ask for our Booking Manager.

What is our attire?

All formal events require formal wear. Black evening wear for ladies and black tie for gentleman. We are open to color coordinate upon request and you may provide attire if desired. We also can wear a casual dress blacks for less formal events. You may request non-traditional attire too. It's your event!

What about the band taking requests and breaks for the band?

Of course our bands take requests! Generally we make a set list for your wedding or we can play hits that are genre specific. Not only to do we happily take requests, we will learn songs we don't know! As far as breaks, we can play continuously, have a DJ play on breaks or have a program of your choice selections play on breaks. Adding a DJ gives your guests the best of both worlds!

Same Sex Marriage, LGBT and Gay Weddings

Wedding ceremonies are the celebration of the love shared between two individuals. We want ALL couples, regardless of whether they are of the same or different gender, to have the most intimate and exciting entertainment experience at their wedding and reception.

Why do some DJs charge more or less?

Our rates are very competitive, but you just cannot skimp on quality. Cheap entertainment is not good, and good entertainment is not cheap.

You should want to hire professionals. Chrysis Entertainment is a professional service with over 25 years of experience creating fantastic entertainment. Our prices reflect our vast experience, courteous and cooperative personalities, extensive music library, professional audio gear, and lastly, personal and attentive service!

Our Wedding MC/DJ rate starts at $1495 for five (5) hours and additional hours start at $295 per hour depending on DJ and equipment deployment.

Our DJ plus MC rate starts at $1895 for five (5) hours and additional hours start at $495 per hour depending on DJ, MC and deployment.

If you carefully evaluate us you will find that we offer reliability, experience, pleasing and cooperative personalities, enthusiasm, professional equipment, an extensive music collection, and a level of personal service that makes our prices an excellent value.

Typically a DJ spends at least 12 to 20 hours on an event. An entertainment band rehearses twice a week in preparation for an event.

We have made a great investment in continuing education, training, our music library (we pride ourselves on having all the songs you want), state-of-the-art lighting and audio equipment, insurance and advertising...

all to ensure your day is the greatest!